Rockstar Neither Confirm or Deny Cheats in GTA V

Rockstar Games has finally commented on topic of whether or not Cheats will be added to their upcoming blockbuster game GTA V.

Grand Theft Auto VA user from GTA5Cheats email Rockstar Games to know if cheat codes are actually making their way into GTA V?, and the response he got was as follows:

"While past games in the Grand Theft Auto series have included cheat codes, we have not revealed any details about the possibility of cheat codes in GTAV. Beyond that, as you may already know, we also often like to keep certain game details secret so you can discover them for yourself when you play the game. For all the latest official news on GTAV, stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire this summer."

With the above official response, Rockstar Games neither confirms nor deny inclusion of Cheat Codes in GTA V. But if i have to make out something from this response, i would say that we’re looking good for cheats in GTA V.

You can check out snapshot of the email below (via GTA5Cheats). Let us know in the comment section below, would you guys like to see Cheats Codes in GTA V?.

GTA V Cheat Email Response

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