Microsoft now opening Pre-orders for Day One Edition Xbox Live Gold, Details Revealed

Microsoft has now open a pre-orders for Day One edition Xbox Live Gold. Customers who will pre-orders Day One Xbox Live Gold via Microsoft store will receive (Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership, Xbox One digital game, Killer Instinct: Round One Playable with exclusive Shadow Jago and Commemorative Gold membership card).

Here is some more Clarification on this piece of news (as asked by few of our readers):

Example: Say you have a working Gold Subscription for a year. You get the Xbox One, sign in, and you have gold. This is basically for anyone who wants to buy a year card, but also get a commemorative card for the launch of Xbox One. This is basically a 12 month gold card with a nice decal on it.

Day One edition Xbox Live Gold

Source: Reddit

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