Respawn on Why TitanFall is Xbox Console Exclusive: "Microsoft is like the Apple of Videogames"

Respawn Entertainment has just revealed the final box art of their upcoming sci-fi shooter, TitanFall. You all are aware of the fact that TitanFall is coming later this exclusively on Xbox consoles (i.e on Xbox 360 and Xbox One) and on PC.

TitanFallIn a recent interview to Edge, TitanFall Designer Fairfax Mackey McCandlish revealed the exact reason as to why Respawn Entertainment choosed Xbox as their choice for console ports.

According to McCandlish, "In terms of multiplayer and communal gaming, Microsoft is like the Apple of videogames.". Check out below what McCandlish exactly said:

"We’re a very small team, so we had to pick a platform if we were going to be on consoles,” McCandlish continues, “and Xbox made the most sense. I feel that, in terms of multiplayer and communal gaming, Microsoft is like the Apple of videogames. You can just start your game without finding your disc, you can go to your friend’s place and your saves are all there, and with the cloud servers you don’t ever have to worry about transferring between hosts or bad latency."

Do you agree with the response of "Mackey McCandlish"?, tell us in the comment section below. Take a look at the final box art of TitanFall below.

TitanFall Box Art

Here are more details on TitanFall from the interview (via NeoGaf):

On topic of TitanFall Box Art Design, Mackey’ McCandlish said: "Titanfall isn’t fantasy sci-fi, You look at it and you believe this stuff could be built. At Respawn we have art guys from Infinity Ward, new guys from art school, and even guys from Sony Santa Monica, and they put a tonne of research into it to make sure that these things could be built."

On topic of actual style of combat in TitanFall, "Our game is still infantry-based," McCandlish explains when asked how Titanfall compares with the Infinity Ward refugees’ previous work on Call Of Duty. “But it’s infantry on two different scales, so these maps are all carefully crafted to have all the strengths of a traditional shooter level, but with this scale disparity that you get between Titans and Pilots. If you’re a Pilot, we want you to feel you can turn the tide of a fight between two Titans, and if you spot a Titan looking the wrong way, you can scramble up the leg, rip off the panel and start tearing up the innards."

On topic of TitanFall map design: "We’re not making wide-scale tank-driving maps here,” McCandlish explains. “That means we can focus on making the maps just the right size for large infantry and small infantry.” And that means dramatic changes in elevation, short sightlines and close-quarter battles on the one map Respawn showcased at Microsoft’s E3 press conference."

On topic of including a story in TitanFall: "Those dedicated servers will be essential for powering Titanfall’s story-driven multiplayer, where player-controlled Pilots and Titans fight alongside AI grunts and giant autopilot Titans on maps with a narrative beginning, middle and end. Multiplayer needs a story in the same way that tanks need legs but, McCandlish argues, adding a little context to multiplayer lets the team shape and direct the action in a way not possible in other shooters. Grunts and giant Titans alter the flow of the battle, objectives change based on narrative moments, and every battle builds towards a spectacular climax, never culminating in a steady, flat march towards a victory or defeat."

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