First Major GTA V Leak Arrive, 50 Clips of Commercials and TV Snips, Spoilers Alert


So both Rockstar Games and Sony has confirmed that GTA V has been leaked via European PSN (18 GB file). This GTA V build is now the source of all leak that are currently available on internet.

GTA VHere comes another spoiler, a user from reddit posted a whopping 50 GTA V footage from TV Commercials/Snips. These are actual scenes (not actual gameplay but in-game commercials) which gamers will view once they start playing GTA V.

This is the first instance that a video clips have been extracted from GTA V's 18 GB build that was posted on EU PS Store. We have embed  first footage for you below (BEWARE SPOILERS), you can take a look at rest of them HERE.

Original Video at TinyPic

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