JoWood's GamesCom 2010 Lineup

JoWooD informs us through a press release from the main developments presented at the 2010 Gamescom, To be held between 18 and 22 August. Among the titles featured highlights Arcania : Gothic 4, Playmobil Agents and SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny .

ArcaniA – Gothic 4: The official sequel to the award-winning Gothic series takes the player into the rough world of the Nameless Hero. With Intense Combat, Powerful Magic, Breath Taking Quests and Exhilarating Action – ArcaniA offers exactly what role-playing fans long for!

SpellForce 2 – Faith in Destiny: This game continues the much-praised story of this influential fantasy universe. The story revolves around a powerful force which threatens Eo, the world of SpellForce. As a new hero, you’ll forge an alliance between the Shaikan and their associates in order to destroy the evil for good.

Playmobil Agents: Playmobil Agents lands the player straight in a classical Sixties Spy Thriller setting where the Good Guys, a.k.a. „Spy Team“ fight Dr. Devil and his „Robo Gang“ (the bad guys) for world domination. The Robo-Gang threatens to take over the world using orbit-launched „Chaos Capsules“ … and the „Spy Team“ attempts to prevent this. As the only agent capable of taking on the diabolical schemers, the player must face the Robo Gang and prevent its dreadful ambitions.

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