Forza 5 In-Game GIF Show Photo Realistic Graphics And True Power And Capability of Xbox One

Forza 5

Yesterday Microsoft released the launch trailer for Xbox One exclusive game "Forza 5" which feature some stunning and photorealistic graphics and visuals.

Forza 5

If you missed out on it, don't worry we have you cover on it along with few extra things, GIF featuring all in-game footage screenshots, i.e showcasing Forza 5 in all its glory.

Take a look at the GIF and launch trailer of Forza 5 below. The game will launch alongside Xbox One on November 22.

Forza 5 All-In-Game Footage GIF

Watch Forza 5 Launch Trailer Below: We Advice Readers To View The Trailer in Full HD 720 or 1080p And The Above GIF By Opening In New Tab.

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