List of All PS4 Error Codes And Fixes

Playstation 4 is finally out for gamers in North America, but instead for having a smooth launch, gamers are reporting some nasty such as brick, freeze, OS data not loading and errors codes.

PS4So we decided to make list of all PS4 error codes along with fixes. This post will be update periodically with new error codes and its fixes, you guys can also contribute to this, share your PS4 error finds with us in the comment section below.

Error Code "NW-31453-6":

It occurs along with message "The network connection has been lost". Gamers are greeted which this message as soon as they try to login to PSN via PS4.

Fix: This might be due to heavy traffic that PSN is experiencing at the moment, so we advice to be patient and try log-in after sometime. If it fails again, do check the status of PSN Network on official Playstation Blog, it might be offline and due to some maintenance work and so gamers are experiencing PS4 Error Code "NW-31453-6".

Error Code CD-30774-1: "Could Not Find The Update File"

Error Code CD-30774-1 mostly occurs when gamer have replaced 500GB HDD that comes with the console with another one which is not supported. Please Note that replacement HDD for PS4 should not be thicker than 9.5mm, 5400 RPM SATA II.

FIX: If you are getting PS4 Error Code CD-30774-1 after you replace 500 GB HDD with a new one, we advice you to undo it and everything will work fine. If you want to know which HDD are currently available in market that are compatible with PS4, Click HERE.

Error Code CE-32958-7: Cannot Launch Application

This occurs when application you are trying to launch in not updated with latest patch/firmware. So just make sure all your applications and also PS4 console is updated with the latest firmware. Right Now for PS4 firmware 1.50 is available for download, its a mandatory update and weighs around 308 MB. We advice you to download and install it via USB, HERE is step-by-step guide detailing how you can do this. Also follow below steps to firmware update failure issue

  1. Start the system update download.
  2. Go out to the main screen and then go into Notifications.
  3. Go to the "downloading" section of Notifications.
  4. You'll see your download there. As soon as it stops, click on it there and it will resume from where it left off.

Error NW-31200-6: This is related to PS4 Firmware 1.50

As per the details we have received from our readers, as soon as they start downloading PS4 firmware 1.50, it starts up perfectly but suddently download stops giving an error code Error NW-31200-6.

FIX: As mention above, we advice reader to download and install PS4 firmware via USB, a link to detail guide on how can do this provide in above error code.

Error code SU-30645-8

Many user are facing Error Code SU-30645-8 while installing Playstation 4 firmware 1.50. The update file downloads without any issue but installation causes issue and error code SU-30645-8 comes up. Furthermore, gamers are reporting that downloading firmware 1.50 files to USB is of no use because when it is put in PS4 for installation it says "File Is Corrupt".

FIX: We advice readers to please be patience as we are looking into this issue. Make sure you are downloading a proper file for you REGION, here is the download links for PS4 Firmware 1.50 for three different REGION.

Error Code CE-34878-0

Error Code CE-34878-0 is related to game crash and freeze issue especially Call of Duty: Ghosts.

FIX: Just make sure your PS4 is updated with firmware 1.50 and there's also a brand new patch for Call of Duty: Ghosts available right now, update the game with it as well. If you are playing some other game make sure that game is updated with latest patch. Furthermore, i would like to advice you guys to set-up a new account of PS4 and try getting into game with it. As per details i know, this CE-34878-0 only when you try t upgrade CoD: Ghosts or any other game from PS3 to PS4, it's having issue if you are using PS3 account

Error Code NW-31297-2:

All We know about Error Code NW-31297-2 is NOTHING. Just making a guess that this might again be related to PSN Issue such as "Heavy Traffic or Downtime".

FIX: Not Yet Known

Error Code CE-33991-5

This mostly occurs when gamers try to connect to internet via Playstation 4. The exact issue is that connection to router is properly made and a successful IP address is obtain as well but connecting to internet failed and error code CE-33991-5 shows up.

FIX: This issue is due to PSN, which might be currently DOWN/Maintenance. So wait patiently for it to settle down and try again.


We finally have received official list of PS4 Error codes from Sony along with possible fix for each error codes. At present the list is pretty small, you can take a look at it below.

PS4 Error Codes Prefix

PS4 Error Codes And Fixes Official List


More PS4 Error Codes and their fixes:

CE-30774-1 Cannot update:

You might face this error when you try to update system's software via USB storage device.

Fix: Check that if the USB device is formatted as FAT or exFAT, if there is no problem then check if the update file was stored in the correct file structure. If problem is still there then delete the downloaded file from your USB and re-download and try again.

CE-35287-5 Cannot connect to the server:

You will get this Error when the game server or the PSN are temporarily unavailable.
Fix: You need to try again after some time and check the status of the PSN.

CE-33945-4 Connection to server failed:

You might face this problem while connecting to the local network.

Fix: Check the Status of the PSN to know if the servers of the game and the PSN are up and running. If there is no issue then test Internet connection by going to Settings > Network > Test Internet Connection.

CE-33987-0 Internet connection test error:

While trying to sign in to PSN, you might get connecting issues like your network has timed out

Fix:  You need to test your internet connection, to do so go to Settings > Network > Test Internet Connection. If problem is still there then rebooting your modem or router to reset your local network connection by contacting your router manufacturer or Internet Service Provider (ISP) for assistance and update your router's firmware.

CE-35486-6 Cannot read disc:

This Error appears when use the disc, it says the system is unable to read the disc. Either the disc format is not supported by the system or it may be corrupted.

Fix:  Eject the disk and check if it is dirty or damaged, Check if the disc is having supported formats like Blu-ray Discs and DVDs and if it is having CD, BD-RE and DVDs not finalised can't be supported. If you are still getting problem then shut down and reboot the system and try again.

CE-35489-9 Region code of disc is not supported:

This error occurs when you buy a game or DVD from different country.

Fix: Since there are regional restrictions, your system may not support the region code. So nothing can be done to run the disc.

CE-34335-8 No HDD detected:

This error occurs when the PS4 is unable to detect the Hard Disk Drive in the system.

Fix: Turn of system and unplug the power cord, remove the top cover then remove the HDD and reinsert it to try again. If still getting problem check if the HDD may be corrupted or broken and contact PS support.

CE-34861-2 Connection has failed:

This Error might be characterized by a temporary unavailability of the PSN or game's server, if you were previously connected to the Internet.

Fix: You can simply check the status of the PSN and the status of the game's server via its official website to clarify the nature of the error. Or you can also verify the availability of the SSL in your Internet connection.

CE-34632-8 Content unavailable:

This error occurs when you try to access the content like the content that is trying to be accessed is currently unavailable.

Fix: Try after sometime to check if the issue is still there and contact the PlayStation Support for assistance if still having such error.

CE-35406-8 PS Vita couldn't be linked to PS4:

This type of error can be seen when the accounts on the systems are not the same as the PS Vita can't be linked to the PS4 for Remote Play.

Fix: First try to link both systems on the same PSN account and Switch the PSN account on your PS4 by going through Power > Switch User from the home screen.

CE-36244-9 Download suspended:

This error can be seen when you downloading content, which could be due to the downloaded content may be corrupted.

Fix: Try to Restart PS4 system then restart the download, to do so go through Notifications>Downloads. You can try re-installing the original HDD in your system if you have changed, still the problem is there then try a different network if available or change to a static IP, If it is not working, try later to change network.  

CE-33676-5 Item Corrupted:

It might be due to either corrupted item or isn't detectable by the system.

Fix: Check if you have the license to the content then try re-downloading the content and go to Settings > PSN > Restore Licenses. Shut down the system and reboot in safe mode to avoid the error.

E-8200002E Credit card on file is not valid:

This error occurs when a credit or debit card information stored on your account is not valid.

Fix: You need to remove the credit card from the account and re-enter the credit card information.

E-82000113 Can't redeem the voucher code:

This kind of error is seen when the voucher code can't be verified.

Fix: Try again after some time, contact PlayStation Support if problem is still there

E-82000138 Failed to add funds to wallet using voucher or PSN card:

This kind of error happens when you are entering a voucher code and your account's wallet exceeds the limit of $150 or 150EUR.

Fix: Try redeeming the code when the balance in your account is not exceeding the limit.

E-82000133 Voucher code expired:

This error occurs when the code you enter expires or not available yet.

Fix:  Check the availability of the code and if there are any restrictions in the usage to make it work.

E-80558337 PS4 Can't recognize content properly:

It might be because your system is unable to recognize the content or the registration information of the content might be incorrect.

Fix: Re-download the content to solve the problem

NP-31952-0 Network connection timed out:

This error appears when the network connection is unstable or not strong enough.

Fix:  Keep the PS4 and router close to each other to perform a connection test.

NP-31739-3 Download of latest update file is ongoing:

This could be because running an application while an update file is ongoing.

Fix: Install the update file before using the application.

NP-31730-4 Signed out of PSN:

Due to this error you might signed out of the PSN

Fix: Try signing in PSN once again.

NP-32062-3 Data may be corrupted:

This error might be due to the data in your system might have been corrupted.

Fix: Restart your system or initialize it to fix the problem.

 NP-35000-8 PSN under maintenance:

This error occurs when PSN is undergoing maintenance.

 Fix:  Try again after some time and check the status of the PSN.

SU-35931-1 Update data of system software is partially corrupted:

This error occurs due to network instability.

Fix: Restart system and re-download the system update. If problem is still there then try to update via USB.

SU-30746-0 Couldn't find file required for system software update:

This error shows when current system software version is not updated

Fix: Try to Update it again.

WS-36812-0 Unable to join a party:

This error won't let you join the party

Fix: Restart your system and ask for a second invitation.

 WS-37337-3, WS-37368-7, WS-37338-4 Account Suspended or banned :

These are errors shows when the account is suspended or banned as Sony Entertainment Network and the PlayStation Network have strict rules in their Terms of Service and User Agreement: BEHAVE.

Fix:  Check your email associated with your PSN account for information about the ban.

WV-33898-1 Couldn't open webpage on browser:

This error prevents from accessing the webpage on the browser.

Fix: Relaunch the browser and Check if the URL entered is correct.

WV-33917-3 Too many redirects:

This error appears saying PS4 doesn't support the page trying to be accessed.

Fix: You can try to visit the page from another device to check.

WS-36782-6 Friend request cannot be sent:

This Error happens as the person you are trying to add reached the maximum amount of friends in their list.

Fix: You can request the person to add you by removing existed members if possible

WV-33899-2, WV-36450-7:

These errors can be due to the server or PSN failure.

Fix:  Check the status of the PSN and test your internet connection.


  • NW-31246-6 DNS settings are invalid
  • NW-31456-9 Connection error
  • NW-31250-1 Internal server error
  • NW-31201-7 Could not connect to the network
  • NW-31374-8 Connection timed out
  • NW-31253-4 Response from DNS server is delayed or unstable
  • NW-31294-9 Connection timed out for unstable wireless connection
  • NW-31453-6 Delayed server response
  • NW-31194-8 Could not connect to the network
  • NW-31247-7 Network connection timed out
  • NW-31205-1 Network connection unstable or too weak to reach PSN server

Fix: To resolve these errors, test your connection, check the status of the PSN, get the better wifi and check your DNS settings.

Server error or PSN maintenance:

WS-37501-6, WS-37504-9, WS-37432-9, WS-36856-8, WS-36855-7

Fix: Check the status of the PSN to test the connection. If the PSN is under maintenance try again after some time.

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