House Comment On PS4 and Xbox One Graphical Raw Power Differences, "Its Going To Ge Bigger"

Playstation 4

Sony's PlayStation 4 just a few days ago launch in Europe and SCE President Andrew House was present at one of the launch event and our friend at Game On TV managed few ask questions regarding difference between PS4 and Xbox One, and why gamers should opt for PS4 as their first choice for gaming device and what's the future of video game industry and consoles.

Playstation 4

Andrew House reply was straight forward, he not only stated that PS4 has more graphical raw power over its competitor, but also added that differentiating factor will get bigger and bigger in future.

I’ll point out two things: I think that in terms of raw power, particularly expressed in graphics processing, I think it’s a phenomenal device and that we will see more and more differentiation on that aspect over time.

I think it’s fundamentally just the easiest system, I hear this from developers all the time, for them to get to grips with. And that’s important, because that’s what eventually translates into new, different and great game experiences that we haven’t seen before.

You can check out the video interview footage below:

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