Seven Features Rockstar Games Should Add To GTA Online From Red Dead Redemption's Multiplayer

Grand Theft Auto Online have some pretty interesting features which makes it blast to play, but still somewhere down the line Rockstar Games missed the trick to make it even more interesting.

GTA Online Vs Red Dead Redemption

If Rockstar Games have added the following features/mechanics from Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer to GTA Online, it would have been an altogether different experience, "Absolute Blast To Play".

1: The Posse System:

  • This party system was a very useful and important feature in Red Dead as it allowed you make a small gang with random players in the session and allowed all the players in the posse to switch sessions together. This would be extremely handy in GTA Online as switching sessions with your crew members will no longer be a hassle, like having to find a session that have the required amount of space for your crew members and invite them before it becomes full.

2: Color Coded Blips:

  • Each player in the session should have a different color compared to everyone else, and if multiple crew members are in the game, they should display their crew color. Members in the crew will have their blips in white to make sure members don't get confused with other crews that have the same crew color.

3: Leader GPS:

  • The leader of the crew would be able to mark a GPS that is colored blue, to tell everyone in the crew to go to that location.

4: Friendly Fire Off For Crew Members:

  • You wouldn't be able to lock onto crew members, and can only hurt them when you free-aim.

5: Killing Other Players Shouldn't Get You Wanted:

  • You would only get wanted if you kill civilians or cops, not other players. For a game called "Grand Theft Auto" this is pretty ridiculous.

6: Friendly Lobbies:

  • Lobbies where killing other players is disabled for players who want to get stuff done in free mode without being harassed and killed over and over again.

7: Near Vicinity Game Chat:

  • You can only hear other players' voice chat when you are in near vicinity of their location.

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