Microsoft on Future of Kinect

Mark Whitten, Vice President, Xbox Live has given out some details about the future functionality that will be included in Kinect after its launch.

Here is some of the future functionality to be associated with Microsoft Kinect:

  • Further Breakthrough in Voice Recognition and Gesture Control
  • Use of own voice to navigate directly to a particular people on Xbox Live and bunch of communication scenarios   like party mode.
  • Personalise gamers experience while playing a sporting game on console.

Here is what Mark Whitten Said:

"What you will be able to do with Kinect in the future is - imagine that I'm watching a Premier League game and it sees that I've got a Man United jersey on. Why doesn't it change the commentary to be pro-Man U? Why don't you flip it in with the local commentator versus the global one to get a more personalised experience?

"Things like that become simple to do in a way that doesn't require the user to go to a lot of effort to figure out how to use our interface."

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