New GTA Online Glitch Allow Customization Of Dune Buggy/Docker, Full Guide Revealed

A new glitch in Grand Theft Auto Online has been discovered that allow players to customize their Dune Buggy Docker.

GTA OnlineWith this new glitch, players will be able to change their buggy's rims, tires, horn, armor, lights, respray any color, engine, transmission, trubo and suspension and many more things.

So without much ado, here is a full guide on how to customize Dune Bugg And Docker:

Step 1:
Drive your $20,000 buggy to LSC (near the 400k)

Step 2:
Make sure your buggy is 100% no damage. repair if necessary

Step 3:
If your looking that LSC door , park your buggy in the small yellow zone outside just to the right of the door.

Step 4:
Steal/hijack any car that is close to you.

Step 5:
Drive your stolen random car into LSC

Step 6:
Repair it if needed

Step 7:
Highlight one of the options you want to change on the buggy ex: I select "wheels" , when u see the menu that lets you select different rims. STOP.!

Step 8:
PAUSE the game. go to the playstation store. (shark card menu)

Step 9:
Wait about 4-5 seconds , unplug your ethernet cord

Step 10:
It will say "no connection blah blah" press X to accept and it will take you into single player mode.

Step 11:
Once single player mode loads , pause it.

Step 12:
Plug your ethernet cable back in and the PS should sign back in automatically .

Step 13:
Go online tab , and start an Invite only session.

Step 14:
You will spawn back into multiplayer and should be near the LSC. (sometimes on foot , sometimes back in your buggy but doesn't matter , if your on foot , jump back into your buggy thats parked right in front of LSC)

Step 15:
Make sure you DO NOT damage your buggy at all. because you dont want to see the repair option at all when u first drive in. , if done right your menu should still be on the original category your chose (Ex; wheels) from the random car.

Step 16:
After yor glitched mod , you should see the repair option , select it and do it all over again to get the other mods.

This is the final outcome of Reddit user tattooeidoc

GTA Online Customize Buggy

Source: Reddit

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