Gran Turismo 6 Glitch: Earn 20 Million In-Game Credits In Few Minutes

Gran Turismo 6

A glitch has been discovered in Gran Turismo 6 that allow players to make whopping 20 million credits in a just matter of few minutes. The glitch requires players to perform certain actions back and forth, but it's worth 20 million in-game credits.

Gran Turismo 6

Here is the step by step guide on how to make 20 Million Credits in Gran Turismo 6:

Step 1:

  • Make sure you have 1.01 patch and 1000,000 credits

Step 2:

  • Buy Mercedes-Benz Concept from GT vision

Step 3:

  • Delete GT6 game data under Game Data Utility in XMB

Step 4:

  • Launch the game again and sell this car for insane price. It's [2055]


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