The Order: 1886 Dev Talks About Graphics, Shooting/Melee, Explorable, Atmosphere And More

The Order: 1886

Our friend at EDGE recently talked with Ready At Dawn creative director Ru Weerasuriya about their upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive game "The Order: 1886".

The Order: 1886The topic of discussion was numerous feature The Order: 1886 will offer to Playstation 4 gamers. Ru Weerasuriya talked about exploration, graphics vs cinematic, Shooting and melee and many other things. We have few interesting tibits from the interview below for you.

On topic of exploration of London City in The Order: 1886, Weerasuriya said: "I love to explore the environment so long as it gives you something back. Yes, we’re trying to do some of that, but the reality is that it’s a single-player game that takes you on a ride, and we don’t want to compromise that ride."

When asked to comment on  Graphics vs cinematics experience, Weerasuriya said: "[For] practically every single thing you see in the game, there’s no difference between cinematic and in-game. All the cinematics are realtime; you’ll get back into the game and everything you saw in the cinematic will be there"

About Shooting and Melee in The Order: 1886, Weerasuriya said: "The principals – analogues of key players in Arthurian lore with the titles to match – are certainly a handsome, rugged and finely coiffed bunch; the next-gen hair race is proving quick off the blocks. Look at them, though, moving into and out of banter range as the action ebbs and flows, and you have to wonder how much Gears Of War continues to drive the genre."

He further assured that "rather than just making a third-person game, we took it upon ourselves to figure out why we like them. Not everybody likes third-person shooters for the same exact reason, so we tried to figure out what the core elements were [that] we wanted to keep, and also add that element of what we’ve done in the past – for example, melee."

You can read full interview at EDGE HERE.

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