Infamous: Second Son on PS4 Will "Blow People Away" Claims Jack Tretton

In a recent Playstation Blogpost, Sony's top executives made some startling comments regarding some of upcoming Playstation exclusive games. Adam Boyes talked about seeing a sneak peak of unannounced PS4 exclusive which was amazing, and now some comments from Jack Tretton regarding Infamous: Second Son has arrived.

Infamous: Second SonAccording to Jack Tretton, Infamous: Second Son on Playstation 4 will "Blow People Away".

"I’m extremely excited about ‘Second Son, I think ‘inFamous’ is just a great franchise. It’s really going to blow people away in terms of what it can do on Playstation 4."

We have already seen what Guerilla Games did with Killzone: Shadow Fall on PS4, and now Jack Tretton is a similar mind blowing experience with Sucker Punch's Infamous: Second Son on PS4.

Going by all the details we saw in E3 2013 gameplay footage of Infamous: Second Son on PS4, the game looks really amazing.

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