Dragon’s Dogma Quest launched for PS Vita in Japan with new trailer

Dragon's Dogma Quest

Dragon’s Dogma Quest, a free t-to-play game for  PS Vita and iOS launches today in Japan. The launch is announced with a new trailer. 

Dragon's Dogma Quest

Dragon’s Dogma Quest story starts similar to original game Dragon’s Dogma. And as original game Defeating Dragon to get protagonist’s heart back which have been stolen by Dragon is quest all about.

Dragon’s Dogma Quest gameplay is the mixture of turn-based strategy and standard JRPG style. Dragon’s Dogma Quest also gets an event called "To wish upon a Star", which will be available during Christmas till 26th December.

So gamers from JAPAN and enjoy this free-to-play game on their iOS and PS Vita.

Don't forget to enjoy launch trailer below:

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