Last Inua First Gameplay Trailer - Coming for iOS in 2014

Last Inua

The Dutch developer Glowforth released debut trailer for the Last Inua, and this gameplay trailer is looking absolutely delightful.  Last Inua is described as an emotional adventure which is about An Inuit Father And Son Fighting For Survival Against The Odds.

Last Inua

The last Inua has captured our attention for its art, atmospheric and evocative soundscape with superb narrative style. You can control both characters, which promises to add another layer of differentiation to this title and unique look. Especially as father and son share different capacities, first using his strength and agility to manipulate the environment.

Last Inua is expected to release in Q1 of 2014. The last Inua will be released for iOS for iPad and iPhone devices. Enjoy the gameplay trailer below:

Here’s the official words about the Last Inua:

"You guide an Inuit father and his son on their quest for survival. Father Ataataq has to guard his son Hiko, a gifted boy with supernatural abilities. Their world, the mythical North, is under attack by an ancient demon: Tonrar. Tonrar seeks to dominate the North and to do this he needs to destroy Hiko. But Tonrar is alone, Ataataq and Hiko have each other."

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