GTA Online Upcoming Patch Wishlist: "Auto-aim and Melee Kill For Crew Members, Hands-up Options"

GTA Online

GTA Community are enjoying their time in Grand Theft Auto Online, however there are certain aspects (small but pretty important) that they want Rockstar Games to patch. The developer has already issued numerous patchs for GTA V multiplayer but the game being so vast many important things are still unfixed and this is hurting players the most.

Here are the list of things (community feedback) that GTA Online players want Rockstar Games to fix in the upcoming patch.

Crew members and friends also should have auto-aim and automatic melee kill feature. Furthermore, if a player is killed five times in a row, he/she should be given an option of spawn at their own apartment.

GTA OnlineAddition of Hands-up action is a must, this will allow players to surrender to police on lower stars rating all by raising their hands. Wanted level should not be updated for shooting another player.

Some other useless features in GTA Online are, option to hide activities on the map as well as to buy a black jet IV 120+. These are just few important ones we mention, you can check out the long list of issues GTA community want Rockstar Games to fix in GTA Online HERE.

Do let us know in the comment section below what issues would you like Rockstar Games to fix in GTA Online via an upcoming patch.

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