GTA V PC Version Release Date Is March 12 Says Nuuvem, Looks FAKE

We all are wondering whether or not Rockstar Games have any plan to launch Grand Theft Auto V to our beloved platform PC. However according to most recent report coming out from CEO of digital distribution at Nuuvem, Thiago Diniz, GTA V for PC release date has been confirmed, its March 12, 2014.

Seeing March 12, the first thing that comes to mind is the day on which it falls, its Wednesday, so legitimacy of this rumor can be predicted by this only.

GTA VNuuvem is a new Digital Distribution service in Brazil, so its really strange to believe why would a relatively new digital distribution service gets a word of release date for a most sought after game before other well known digital platforms such as Steam.

We have contacted Rockstar Games for some official words on this new GTA V PC version rumor. Hope to see reply soon from them, so stay tuned.

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