Rayman Legends PS4/Xbox One Release Date Brought Forward, To Avoid Clash With Square Enix's Thief

The next-gen version of Rayman Legends will arrive a bit early than initially planned, Ubisoft via press release has just informed us that Rayman Legends release date for PS4 and Xbox One has been brought forward.

Rayman LegendsThe game will now launch on February 21 in United Kingdom i.e full one week early, it was initially planned to launch on February 28.

No reason was revealed as to why the release date was brought forward, according to reports Ubisoft wanted to avoid clash with Square Enix's next-gen game "Thief" on which is due to launch on February 28.

Rayman Legends on PS4 and Xbox One comes with some extra costumes and content with certain exclusive features such as touchpad support, remoteplay and more.

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