Xbox One Exclusive Dead Rising 3 Gets Massive 13 GB Patch, Changelog Awaited: Updated

Dead Rising 3

Capcom has just released a massive 13GB patch for Xbox One exclusive game "Dead Rising 3". No official changes has been revealed, so what exactly this massive Dead Rising 3 patch fixes or adds is stilly a mystery.

Dead Rising 3Have you downloaded this 13 GB patch for Dead Rising 3?, let us know in the comment section below the changes you observe after installing it.

Gamers who are asking whether this update will eat up 13 GB HDD space after installation?,     Xbox Studio Manager, Mike Ybarra has this to say: "It’s different for each game. If it’s added DLC then likely yes (but they aren’t big). If it’s patches, then no."


According to reports coming out from official Dead Rising 3 forums and Reddit, this 13GB update is only for FIRST part of FOUR part DLC that is due for release.

Furthermore, Gamers are also reporting that the 13GB patch does not adds up with overall game size i.e NO 20+13


Capcom has officially detailed all the changes that this massive 13GB patch makes to Dead Rising 3. Read full details HERE.

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