PS4: Friend List Bugged For Many Owners, Display Incorrect Information, WideSpread Issue, No Fix Yet

A strange glitch has hit Playstation 4 causing malfunctioning of Friend List. According to reports coming out from numerous Playstation users on PS Blog and Reddit, friend list on PS4 displays wrong information such as incorrect number of friends online and more.

PS4Here are few complaints of PS4 owners:

"Been noticing that sometimes it will display the incorrect number of friends online and/or show that they are playing a completely different game in the preview screen, that is until you click on Friends and it shows the correct info. I also have a problem with one friend not being able to show he's offline (he's been "online" for about 5 days straight)"

"Yeah, I was noticing that last night. My friend who I was playing BF4 with mentioned it, too. One of our mutual friends was appearing online in the "All Friends" menu for my friend, but not for me, but he wasn't online in the "Online Friends" tab for either of us."

"Talked to a friend who said he was out shopping, but when I logged on it said he was in game. Hit him up and he def said he wasn't home and his PS4 was off. Later I noticed it was my ps4 said 8 friends were online, but when I actually clicked on the friends app to open it further, there were like 2 friends online. Also noticed that the PS4 app on iphone is sometimes more accurate than the ps4 and sometimes the app is inaccurate like the ps4! Confusing.."

This indeed seems to be a widespread issue, Sony has not yet issued any acknowledgement, we have contacted them for some official words or temporary fix if available. Stay tuned to Gamepur for more updates on it.

Is your Friend List also bugged like others on PS4? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: Reddit

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