Hohokum PS4 Version Get Astonishing Looking 1080p In-Game Screens


Sony has just released some glorious looking in-game screenshots of Playstation 4 version of Hohokum in 1920X1080p. The graphics/visuals in these latest screens are of top notch. Take a look at them below.

HohokumHohokum is currently in developement at Honeyslug and the talented Sony Santa Monica Studios is lending a helping hand. Exact release date is not yet announced, but Sony confirmed that it will arrive at somepoint in 2014.

Hohokum is definitely on my list of one of the must buy indie titles in 2014 as it presents unique style and looks pretty interesting. What about you, are you looking forward to Hohokum on PS4? Let us know in the comment section below.

Hohokum PS4 Screenshot 1 Hohokum PS4 Screenshot 2 Hohokum PS4 Screenshot 3 Hohokum PS4 Screenshot 4 Hohokum PS4 Screenshot 5

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