Nutjitsu Dev On Xbox One: "Some Really Cool Features Haven't Been Fully Utilized By Anyone"

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Nutjitsu from NinjaBee is going to be one of the first indie title that will launch on Xbox One under ID@Xbox program in March 2014. We recently got in touch with Brent Fox, Art Director of Nutjitsu and talked about Microsoft's Xbox One console and their controversial ID@Xbox program.

Xbox OneWe first asked Brent Fox to comment on Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program, as a developer how it feel to be a part of such a program which allow developer to publish their games?

Brent Fox replied that Microsoft is taking ID@Xbox program seriously and are putting lot of effort to make it a  success.

"So far it's been everything it was advertised to be. Of course, we will know a lot more about the program after we have released a couple titles. The big thing to note is that Microsoft is taking it seriously and putting a lot of effort into this program. Developers are actually releasing games and that's a big deal." said Brent.

When asked to comment on Xbox One and how much freedom this next-gen console from Microsoft offers to developer? Brent replied:

"We've been working with the hardware for a long time now. Everything has been constantly evolving and improving. It certainly seems like we have a ton of freedom and we see some really cool features of the Xbox One that haven't been fully utilized by anyone. We plan on tapping into some of that awesomeness for our games."

So there you have it folks straght from the mouth of indie developer NinjaBee some kind words about Xbox One and ID@Xbox program. What you guys have to say about these comments from NinjaBee? Share you views with us in the comment section below.

Read Our Full Interview With Brent Fox on Nutjitsu.

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