Now Brian Karis Leaves Naughty Dog And Returns To Epic, Says "Naughty Dog Wasn't A Good Fit For Me"

Naughty Dog

Brian Karis, Graphics Programmer who earlier worked at Naughty Dog has left the studio and rejoined Epic Games. The announcement was made by Brian himself via Twitter. He tweeted that returning to Epic Games felt like home and Naughty Dog wasn't a good fit for him.

Naughty Dog"I've returned to Epic. It's felt like coming home. ND wasn't a good fit for me. Yep, the tight turnaround time is really strange" read the tweet from Brian.

When one Twitter user asked for a reason for leaving Naughty Dog, Brian politely declined to comment but added that he learnt something from the journey at ND.

Szymon Swistun: "What happened? Location? People? Project?"

"Hah please don't. I haven't accomplished anything. I did learn something from the journey though. :)" replied Brian.

Brian is the second execs who left Naughty Dog in 2014, last month Amy Hennig, lead writer Uncharted franchise also left Naughty Dogs. Is everything right at Naughty Dog Studios?

Brian Karis Leaves Naughty Dog

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