Battlefield 4 Now Has Annoying In-Game Advertisements of NFS Movie & Others During Loading Screen

Now here is another perfect example of why consumers hate Electronic Arts so much and have voted for them as Worst Company for two consecutive years. The publishers have added some in-game advertisements of upcoming movies like Need for Speed and others in Battlefield 4 (probably one of the Buggiest game in the franchise history).

Battlefield 4As per the details shared by users of Reddit, there are some in-game advertisement of Need for Speed movie in Battlefield 4, NHL and other games published by EA. As a proof, check out the image shared by Reddit user willydearborn.

The worst part is that Battlefield premium subscribers who paid some extra $$$ to EA for subscription also have to face these annoying in-game ads.

One user went on to add that these ads are now coming up during loading screen.

"what I don't like, is they're now in the loading screens. Like, it'll show you controls, players on each line, players to watch (or something), then a movie add. That I don't like. Keep that s#!@ out of the menus of my games."

"And honestly, if we don't let them know now that we don't like it, you can (be) sure as hell bet your house that when streaming videos gets more efficient we'll be seeing video adds in between matches, or during loading screens."

What you guys have to say about these annoying in-game ads in Battlefield 4, don't you think Electronic Arts should have focused on fixing game breaking glitch and issues in Battlefield 4? Share you views with us on this in the comment section below.

Battlefield 4 In-Game Ad

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