Famitsu Boss Teases Unannounced Japanese PS4 Exclusives, says "Development Moving Faster Than I Thought"

Playstation 4

Popular Japanese magazine Famitsu's boss Katsuhiko Hayashi just recently shared his views on Playstation 4 development in Japan. According to Hayashi, many unannounced Playstation 4 exclusives titles are already in development and added that "Software developers are moving faster than i thought".

Playstation 4"They haven't announced it yet, but there also are developers that have started to work on PS4 exclusive games. Software developers are moving faster than I thought, and we can expect this to expand in the future." said Katsuhiko Hayashi.

How close Famitsu is with video-game developers in Japan is an open secret, so these details from Katsuhiko are pretty close to legit and are enough to excite PS4 owners in Japan.

Which Japanese video-game series you want to see returning to PS4? My choice is The Last Guardian, new IP, previously announced as PS3 exclusive but no details yet.

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