Infamous: Second Son Day One Patch Live Now, Size 267 MB, Changelog Awaited

Infamous: Second Son

Infamous: Second Son will launch officially on March 21 exclusively for Playstation 4. Sucker Punch has already confirmed that there will be a day one patch for Infamous: Second Son which will fix some last minutes bugs and more.

Infamous: Second SonWe just got some new details regarding Infamous: Second Son day one patch, it weighs 267 MB in size and is now available for download. Details regarding what all things it fixes or adds is not known as Sucker Punch has not yet released the official changelog.

Sucker Punch's Co-founder Chris Zimmerman recently talked about Day One Patch of Infamous: Second Son at livestream event at Destrucoid.

Zimmerman said: "We're pretty much wrapped up now, but there were a few last minute things that are happening now that people are starting to discover, that we're just putting the finishing touches on."

"This is it, there are disks being manufactured. It's gold. There's a day one patch that also happens, we're finishing off the last bits of that, but yeah, the game's gold."

But stay tuned to Gamepur as we will update this post as soon as we get to hear more.

Infamous: Second Son Day One Patch Size

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