PS4 VR Headset "Project Morpheus" Price Tag Between $249-299, "Internal Teams At Sony Working On Fantastic Things"

Sony's Project Morpheus (Virtual Reality Headset) is one of the most talked about tech ever since its announcement at GDC 2014 yesterday. Sony confirmed only handful of details about Project Morpheus such as 1080p display, 90+ degree FOV, list of compatible games, however nothing has been said about the price tag it will carry at launch.

Well known industry insider Ahsan Rasheed via Twitter has shared some details regarding price point of Project Morpheus. He stated that Sony is targeting $249-299 price point for PS4's virtual reality headset.

"One final thing I've heard over the last few months and things can change so don't hold me to this forever.

Morpheus is targeting a $249-299 price point. And yes, I have told this to @roboplato many moons ago before this thing was even a thing."

Thuway also revealed that at this price tag, Project Morpheus will come bundled with a camera.

"Morpheus will include camera I've heard. The product when launched will have everything ready to go."

Last but not the least, Thuway mentioned that Sony is going to support Project Morpheus whole-heartedly, there won't be a half-hearted support as in the case of Playstation Move or EyeToy

"BTW this isn't Move or EyeToy, Sony is very serious and major internal teams are doubling down. This isn't a novelty.

Sony wants to prove to gamers that PlayStation is gaming. Internal teams are working on things that are absolutely fantastic."

$249-299 price point is a great thing considering the fact that its rival Oculus Rift's latest version carries a price tag of $350. What you guys have to say about this inside details regarding price of Project Morpheus? Share your view with us in the comment section below.

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