Insider: Titanfall build up and running on PS4, going multiplatform says Insider, is it Titanfall 2?


Well known industry insider Tidux has revealed some startling inside details regarding Respawn Entertainment sci-fi shooter, Titanfall.

TitanfallHe first tweeted that Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall is going multiplatform, and when asked to clarify what exactly he means? Tidux clarified that a build of Titanfall is already running on Playstation 4.

"Titanfall is going multi-platform" and "A build of Titanfall is up and running on #PS4"

Make out whatever you can from this but it seems like Christmas might come early for Playstation community. Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall received praises from critics and fans across the globe but only Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC gamers were able to enjoy the title due to exclusivity deal between EA and Microsoft.

Tidux has a pretty good track record of leaking before official announcement, previously he accurately leaked information about Playstation User Interface and OS. So we can't ignore him completely.

This is not the first rumor of Titanfall for Playstation consoles, back in February 2014, Sony's Alex Moyet tweeted that: "Got A Feeling It'll Come To PS4, Wait Another Year or So" and a major controversy broke out and Alex was forced to delete the tweet.

Way back in August 2013, possible PS3/PS4 Dev Kit was captured in Respawn Entertainment Video Interview "The History of Respawn And Titanfall" footage. You can check out the screengrap below.

Titanfall On PS4 and PS3 Dev Kit

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