PS4 Receiving Massive Performance Boost From Team ICE, Xbox One Port Difference Will Grow Larger: Insider

Xbox One vs PS4

Well known industry insider Thuway and Tidux have shared pretty interesting details regarding next-gen console war between Xbox One and Playstation 4. On May 15, Tidux in a hidden tone teased some improvements coming to Playstation 4 in future.

Xbox One vs PS4

Today, to this tweet of Tidux, Thuway aka Ahsan Rasheed gave a interesting reply, "If the number you are giving me is true, than it really is game over Xbox One."

Later on Thuway clarfied that he is not talking about sales war between Xbox One and Playstation 4 but Playstation 4 performance boost coming in future.

Thuway clarified: "I don't mean game over in terms of sales. I am talking about power. PS4 performance boost rumor is insane. I find it hard to swallow"

"But if it is true, the Xbox One to PS4 port differences will grow much larger if devs choose to make PS4 versions shine."

Going through the entire conversation it seems like Tidux is hinting towards improvements from ICE team for Playstation 4 and contents Naughty Dog will show at E3 2014.

Ex-IGN Editor, Jeremy Conard replied this to the above tweet of Tidux: "that's what Sony should play at E3 when ND shows off the face melting work the ICE team has done"

These industry insiders have pretty good track record of leaking information way before its official announcement, so we just can't completely ignore them. Are you guys excited about the new course of turn next-gen consoles war between PS4 vs Xbox One is about to take? Tell us in the comment section below what you guys are expecting.

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