Homefront 2 Isn't Big Third Party Xbox One Exclusive, Announcement Coming on June 1, Coming Also To PC/PS4

Homefront 2

Industry Insider, Shinobi602 has revealed juicy details regarding upcoming announcement from Crytek and something special for Dead Rising 3 fans. Shinobi via Twitter revealed that Homefront 2 is not the big third party Xbox One exclusive title that everyone is talking about.

He later revealed that its going to be called "Homefront: Subtitle" and will arrive on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Homefront 2

"It's been making the rounds a lot for some reason but Homefront 2 isn't exclusive to Xbox One.
Big week for Crytek this next week starting Monday.
Homefront: Subtitle" - also a little something else too.
PS4/XBO/PC only too."

In addition to this, Shinobi also teased some interesting news for Dead Rising 3 fans. He revealed that some good stuffs is coming to Dead Rising 3, no further details were revealed as to what its going to be and when its coming.

"Some good stuff coming soon for Dead Rising 3 fans."

Shinobi has pretty good track record of leaking information correctly way before its official announcement. So prepare yourself for official reveal of Homefront 2 this coming monday i.e tomorrow.

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