DeathSpank Sequel "Thongs of Virtue" will release in September

Following the launch of Deathspank Episode 1: Orphans Of Justice in mid-July, Electronic Arts and Hothead Games reveals the details of the second episode, which will be titled as Deathspank Episode 2: Thongs of Virtue,will go on sale on 22 September at Xbox Live Marketplace for Xbox 360 and at PlayStation Store for PS3. It is priced for 1200 Microsoft Points or €14.99.

DeathSpank Episode 2 Thongs of Virtue sreenshot

According to its makers promise, this new episode Thongs of Virtue will have 50% longer gameplay than the first one, adding new weapons and invited us to enter into a land devastated by war, have to explore the sea and the North Pole, all accompanied by their characteristic sense of humor and an interesting off-line co-op.

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