Kinect on PC is 'a possibility'

Microsoft has commented Computer video games to see Kinect PC Video games is a "possibility", as the new accessory also has a great potential in other non-gaming industries, such as music and film.

Also commented on the possibility of Kinect to work with mobile phones in the future.

According to statements by Kudo Tsunoda : "We're very focused on Kinect for the Xbox, and launching that. I think it's cool though - and this is just from me - I've been in the video game industry for a while now, and I know that in the games industry lots of times we'll take things from other industries and bring it into games.

We take stuff from movies, or take technology from PCs and put it into games, and Kinect really is the first time that the video game industry is pioneering something that I really think has widespread application outside of just video games.

"So, hypothetically, if I worked at a company that didn't only make games, but also did things with PCs and phones, I think there could probably be some possibility that the tech might get used in other places. But, at least for now, [Microsoft is] focused on Kinect for Xbox."

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