Nelson Comments on Halo 2: Anniversary Edition Teaser, "Many of Your Are Reading Too Much Into My Intention "

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that PC drivers for Xbox One controller is available for download. The announcement came from Microsoft's Major Nelson and he shared the following image featuring Xbox One controller connected to PC and Halo 2 start screen.

Halo 2: Anniversary Edition

Xbox community took this image as first official teaser of Halo 2: Anniversary Edition. Via Reddit Major Nelson has clarified that fans are reading too much into his intention and added that he received Halo 2 Vista to test Xbox One controller PC drivers.

"As far as what is on my screen, many of you are reading too much into my intention. Halo 2 Vista is what I had available to test the controller." wrote Major Nelson on Reddit.

So there you have it folks, that image was not the teaser of Halo 2: Anniversary edition. Whether or not Halo 2: Anniversary Edition exist  or not we have no idea, we expect Microsoft to clear all rumors about it at upcoming E3 2014.

Download Xbox One Controller Drivers for PC from following links:

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