Microsoft Xbox Live will ban users with Halo: Reach pirated copies

Piracy attacks again. While Halo: Reach will not be released until next September 14, from a few days ago it is already circulating on the Internet. Of course a pirated copy of Bungie's latest project, to which Microsoft announced that it will take strong action against those who use the pirated copy.

Halo: Reach Screenshot

By warn from Microsoft, all who are caught using a pirated version of Halo Reach Xbox Live will be expelled from ipso facto and definitively, both at user (Gamertag) and the console itself. From the American company has also ensured that they will investigate and pursued "aggressively" to those responsible for leaking the game. When asked if this problem will overtake release date of the game, Microsoft have indicated that the date remains unchanged, 14 September. And finally, Bungie has also wanted to recommend to their fans to be careful these days and forums on the pages they visit.

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