Crackdown 2 first DLC 'Toy Box' announced

Microsoft announced that the first additional content for Crackdown 2 coming soon. The free DLC named as 'Toy Box', will land soon on XBLA. It includes the "Keys to the City," a mode which appeared in the first Crackdown and unlocks cheats like God Mode, Infinite Ammo, Fly Cam, the ability to freeze the time of day, and others. It also adds a Level 6 reward, Thruster Ability, which is essentially a jet pack, and a new multiplayer mode called Vehicle Tag.

Crackdown 2 screenshot

Free Additional Content :

  • Vehicle Tag: A new multiplayer mode for up to eight players.
  • Level 6 Reward: Those who bring their agents to the maximum, will be provided with a vertical drive new skill
  • Keys to the City: A huge arsenal of tricks , including God mode , infinite ammo , camera flying , freeze time of day ...

Paid Additional Content: (560 Microsoft Points)

  • Two new vehicles : ATV Agency and Chopper Squad
  • Five new gadgets: Mass Driver, Portable Launch Pads, Stickler Grenade, Thrusters and Mags on Characters
  • Two Avatar Awards : green helmet and suit
  • Ten Achievements
  • Eight Agent Suit Colors for staff

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