PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Looks Stunning, But Frame-Rate Main Concern, Drops Below 20 FPS: Early Impression


Bloodborne, upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive title from From Software was recently showcased at a Livecast held by PlayStation Blog. Just a glimpse of what graphics/visuals of the game will look like was showcased if you missed it here's is a gif from the footage that was showcased along with a YouTube video showing full gameplay.


Sony has confirmed that Bloodborne will run at 1080p and 30 fps. It will launch in Spring 2015 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.


At E3 2014, Sony also showcased a 30 minutes long gameplay demo of Bloodborne at behind closed doors and impressions from lucky attenders are positive with just one concern "Frame-Rate"

Here are few impressions, we have collected:

Impression 1: Just watched the demo… the visuals and gameplay are stunning. the framerate is a disaster, no exaggeration, down most of the time in the low teens and even was single digits at times.

edit if they fix the framerate, and I’m sure they will, this will be easily the best title on ps4 when it releases.

Impression 2: That’s the boss that was at the end of the demo. Game looked amazing. The performance was rough though, dropping below 20fps even. But there’s plenty of time to clean that up. I’m VERY impressed graphically.
    The shotgun shoots FAST, almost instantly, in contrast to a melee attack that has some start up. The demo guide also mentioned that the shotgun blast has good stun on enemies so it’ll definitely be a great option out of tight spots. What impresses me is that there’s a lot of recovery frames on the blast to prevent the player from spamming it. It’s impressive how balanced everything seems to be already and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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