Dead Rising 3 Framerate Unlockable on PC But Be Prepare For Glitchy Experience, Some Weird Stuff: Capcom

Dead Rising 3

At E3 2014, Capcom has confirmed that PC version of Dead Rising 3 will be best playable at 30 FPS. The developer further revealed that PC gamers will be able to unlock Dead Rising 3 frame-rate but there's no guarantee that it will offer a smooth experience, they may encounter nastly bugs and glitch.

Dead Rising 3

"When we started the PC project we knew we weren’t gonna be able to guarantee anything above 30 frames per second" Capcom said at E3 2014

"What I’m saying is, we’re not gonna stop you from uncapping the framerate, but we can’t guarantee the experience. We just really don’t know what’s gonna happen, you might see some weird stuff with physics, some weird stuff with zombies. I really don’t believe you’re losing anything by playing at 30 frames per second. If you want feel free to uncap it, but it’s gonna be wild and crazy"

Is this really an excuse you are providing Capcom? remember PC HD version of Residen Evil 4, you termed it as revolutionary just because it was running at 60 FPS.

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