Battlefield: Hardline Beta confirmed for Xbox One, Won't Be Same As Playstation 4 Version

Battlefield: Hardline

Right now only Playstation 4 and PC gamers are enjoying the beta of Battlefield: Hardline, but pretty soon Xbox One owners will also receive it, as per the details confirmed by DICE's GM Karl Magnus Troedsson. In addition to this, Magnus confirmed that content of Battlefield: Hardline beta will be different from that of what Playstation 4 owners are enjoying.

Battlefield: Hardline

"We will have a beta on on all platforms before release," said Magnus in a recent interview with our friends at OXM. But it won't be this beta on Xbox. It's not going to be the same version, just to be clear."

"We basically have code in the hands of players already, here at E3. We've never done that before," said Troedsson. "We do it both because we want their feedback of course, but also because in the background we are testing various things. We're going to continue doing more tests like this."

So Xbox One owners rest assure you all will be getting beta as soon, timing and other details will be reveal in coming days. So stay tuned.


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