New PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Details: Offline Play, Playable Female Character, Customization, Animations and More


From Software's Playstation 4 exclusive Bloodborne was one of stand-out announcement of Sony's E3 press conference, the trailer that was showcased surprised almost everyone, graphics/visuals, monster design and other aspects were of top notch, if you missed the trialer watch it again now. Today via Japanese website, DengeKionline some fresh details regarding Bloodborne's customization option, playable characters have arrived.


Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki confirmed to DengeKi Online that Bloodborne's customization will be similar to that of Demon's Souls and players will be able to play as female protagonist.

"You can also select a female character as the heroine, and there’s facial customization. Personally, I think not only with RPGs, but even with Tactical RPGs, character customization is one of the most fun aspects"

Miyazaki also confirmed that development team at From Software are also working on some addiitional elements related to facial customization in Bloodborne and details about it will be revealed in coming days.

Miyazaki also explained benefits of Playstation 4 powerful specifications, offline gameplay, death penalty and lot more. He confirmed that Bloodborne will be playable offline and thanks to PS4 power, the game will feature ton of cariation in animation as compare to all this previous game.

You guys can read full interview translated here. Watch debut trailer of Bloodborne below.

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