Far Cry 4 Villain Pagan Min is not Gay, "Terrifying, Evil But Weirdly Friendly" says Ubisoft

Far Cry 4

The initial announcement of Far Cry 4, the next instalment in popular Far Cry video game franchise was made via official UbiBlog. The studio shared a official Cover Art featuring lead villain "Pagan" in never seen before avatar, "Pink Suit, Carzy Hair-Style" (in short fans interpreted lead villain Pagan as GAY). GameInformer has confirmed that this is not the case and also shared some details on Far Cry 4 storyline.

Far Cry 4

"Early into Pagan’s leadership, a resistance movement led by a man named Mohan Ghale frustrated Pagan’s supremacy with tactful guerilla skirmishes. However, Mohan and Pagan weren’t just fighting for a country; they were fighting for the love of a woman named Ishwari. When this awkward love triangle ended with Mohan’s death, Ishwari fled the country, and Pagan retreated into his palace, leaving Kyrat to his lunatic governors."

"This is where players enter into the story. As Mohan’s son – a man named Ajay Ghale – players return to Kyrat for the first time since they were a child in order to scatter their mother’s ashes across the top of Kyrat’s tallest mountain"

Far Cry 4 narrative director Mark Thompson describe Pagan as "fun and charming, but also terrifying – evil, but weirdly friendly. He can come talk to you very matter of factly while everyone around you is being murdered. Your whole world is falling apart, but for him it’s 11 o’clock on a Tuesday."

Thompson confirmed to GameInformer that the pink suit of Pagan is simply there in the game as Style statement. Watch debut trailer of Far Cry 4 showcased at E3 2014 below. Read Thompson interview with GameInformer here.


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