Sony Working on PS4 User Interface Improvement, New Firmware Incoming


A well known industry insider, Tidux has teased something interesting, according to him there is an update coming to PlayStation 4 in a few days. Tidux has hinted a brand new firmware for PlayStation 4 and also revealed, via Twitter that Sony is working on an User Interface improvement for PlayStation 4.


When Tidux was asked, if Sony's Tech support is working on the fan requested User Interface improvement? He replied: "Over 100 people working on the UI"

Later on, he hinted that a new Playstation 4 firmware might be in the testing phase: "All this testing is blowing my mind! #welcometothefuture #jit9 #fw* #PS4"

Tidux has a pretty solid track record of leaking information, way before its official announcement, but still we advice our readers to wait for the official words from Sony on PS4's User Interface improvement and new firmware.

Tell us in the comment section below what would you guys like to see in the new PS4 firmware, "Bug Fix, New Features" or something else?


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