Playstation Now Beta Testers Have To Pay To Play Games That Have Rental Prices

Playstation Now beta testers, here's a massive surprise, you guys have to "Pay To Play" or i should say "Pay To Test" the service for Sony. Reddit user "blackdynamo" received confirmation regarding this via Live Assistance chat with Sony Support Staff.

Playstation Now

According to details blackdynamo received from Support Staff, Playstation Now Beta testers will have to pay in both Private and Public Beta.

blackdynamo asked: "If i am in beta, will i be charged to test games that have rental prices?" and to this Support Staff replied: "The games that have rental price will be charged."

When asked further: "they will be charged during Closed Beta or Open Beta or both" Support Staff replied: "Both, you may have an option of several different retal durations. Rental Durations may vary per title"

Playstation Now Beta Testers Charged


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