Battlefield 4 Launch Disastrous Explained By EA: "Its Ambition, 64 Multiplayer, 1080p, Levolution"

Battlefield 4

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson, in a recent interview to EuroGamer admitted that Battlefield 4 launch was unacceptable and also detailed what exactly went wrong. According to Andrew Wilson, Battlefield 4 suffered a disastrous launch because of its high ambition: "64 player maps, 1080p resolution and many more".

Battlefield 4

Andrew said:

"Think about what Battlefield 4 was: 64 player multiplayer, giant maps, 1080p, Levolution that was changing the gameplay design in an emergent way. There is a chance there are things you are going to miss through the development cycle. And you end up in a situation we had with Battlefield 4.

"For me, the situation we had was unacceptable. For the team it was unacceptable. We have worked tirelessly since then to make sure the gameplay experience got to where it absolutely should have been at launch and we're focused on that and we continue to deliver value to that player base.

"But when you do things like that you can never guarantee. It would be disingenuous for me to sit here and say, 'we will never have an issue again,' because that would mean we were never going to push the boundaries again. And I don't want to be that company. I want to be a company that pushes to lead and innovate and be creative. But you can start to do things that give you a better handle and a better view about what the potential challenges might be."

Do you think it was the ambition/target for Battlefield 4 or DICE rushed through the development to compete with Call of Duty? Share you opinion with us in the comment section below.

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