Class of Heroes 3 Release Pushed Forward

The release date fo Class of Heroes 3 has been push forward. Today Acquire announced that Class of Heroes 3 which was slated to release on September 16 will now be coming out on October 7.

The reason given out for this delay in the release of the game is that the developers wants to improve tha quality of the game. Class of Heroes 3 will be release on PS3 and PSP.

Acquire also announces some of the important difference the two version of the game will have.

  • Voice: PS3 version has event voices (although the tutorial and some characters are unvoiced). The PSP version does not have event voices.
  • Install: PS3 version can be installed to hard drive. PSP version can be installed to Memory Stick.
  • Achievements: PS3 version has Trophy support. PSP version has an internal awards system.
  • PS3 & PSP Connectivity: You'll find some differences in the items that you gain from connectivity.
  • Save Data Carryover: PS3 version carries over data from Class of Heroes 2G. PSP version carries over data from Class of Heroes 2.

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