ESRB Rating Summary For The Last of Us: Remastered PS4 Revealed, Spoiler Alert

Entertainment Software Rating Board has revealed their rating summary for upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive title, The Last of Us: Remastered, and as expected its "M for Mature" rating for content related to blood and gore, intense violence, sexual themes, strong language, use of alcohol.

The Last of Us: Remastered

You can read the full rating summary below, its almost identical to the one that was provided for The Last of Us: Remastered Playstation 3 port.

"This is an action game in which players assume the role of Joel and Ellie, human survivors battling their way through a post-apocalyptic world. From a third-person perspective, players traverse through city ruins and use a variety of weapons (e.g., pistols, rifles, explosives, spiked bats, steel pipes, and blades) and melee attacks to fight off infected mutants and other human survivors.:

"Players can also employ stealth kills (e.g., strangulations, pistol executions, stabbing attacks) and engage in extended combat sequences involving close-up camera angles and on-screen prompts. Screams of pain, realistic gunfire, and blood-splatter effects accompany the combat. Several attacks result in decapitations and dismemberment; body parts are depicted in some areas (e.g., chopping blocks)."

"Cutscenes also depict intense acts of violence: a young character dying in a man’s arms from gunshot wounds; adult characters being executed at point-blank range; an enemy getting interrogated and stabbed in the knee. During the course of the game, a character makes sexual remarks about an adult magazine (e.g., ‘Whoa. How the hell would he even walk around with that thing’ and ‘Oh why are these [pages] all stuck together’). One scene allows player to decide whether a young character drinks alcohol. The words ‘f**k,’ ‘sh*t,’ and ‘a*shole’ can be heard in the dialogue."

The Last of Us: Remastered is scheduled to launch on July 29. Yesterday, some in-game 1080p screenshots of The Last of Us: Remastered were leaked on internet via Korean website, you can view them HERE.

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