PS4 With No HDD "Would Suck For Both Developers And Players, Wouldn't Have Been The Same": Naughty Dog Dev

Its an open secret that while making Playstation 4 and deciding on its specifications, Mark Cenry talked to numerous first and third party developers and took feedback regarding what exactly they want to see. At Develop 2014, Mark Cenry stated that a lot of effort was put in on whether or not to include a HDD in Playstation 4 rather than flash memory or another alternatives and added that it was a billion dollar decision for the company.

Playstation 4

As per the details revealed by Drew Thaler, Naughty Dog was also consulted on this topic, and glad that the final decision was made to include HDD in Playstation 4 because the studio felt PS4 with no HDD would have sucked for both developers and players.

"Yeah, we spent so much effort working on whether we could make a PS4 without a HDD. Just wouldn't have been the same." tweeted Andrew.

He later added:

"No HDD had a precedent — the X360 Core — but we felt it would suck for both devs and players. Glad we didn't go there."

Furthermore, Drew confirmed that for PS4 storage all sorts of tech was considered including "Flash Storage: low cost and capacity keep growing" but it was "Hard to beat discs for capacity vs cost though"

When asked whether Flash storage was consider for PS4? Drew replied:

"We considered all kinds of things. Hard to beat discs for capacity vs cost though".

It's good to hear that Mark Cenry and his team looked in all direction while working on Playstation 4.

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