New PS4 Firmware Will Add "Media Playback Features And Some New Stuff", Announcement Before GamesCom 2014


Well known industry insider Tidux strikes again, this time around teasing some interesting details regarding upcoming Playstation 4 firmware. Tidux via Twitter teased that Playstation 4 will soon receive some features that are already available on Playstation 3 along with some new stuff.


When asked some specific details regarding "How SOON" Playstation 4 owners can expect to hear an official announcement, Tidux replied "Before/Around GamesCom 2014".

I asked Tidux, if he can list the features already available for PS3? he replied: "Media Playback".

This new PS4 firmware teaser from Tidux looks pretty legit because a similar teaser was posted by SCEE representative Fred Dutton on Playstation Blog comment section. When a fan asked for some update on new PS4 firmware, Fred replied: "news coming very soon" and when asked for some specific time frame, he reiterated that "more information" will arrive in the near future.

PS4 Firmware Info Incoming

Tidux has a pretty good track record of leaking Playstation 4 related information way before its official announcement, but we still advice our readers to take it with a grain of salt and consider this as a rumor only.

Tell us in the comment section, what new features do you want Sony to add to Playstation 4 via upcoming firmware?