Sony Comments On Lack of AAA Titles For PS4: "Perception Issue, 2015 Great For Core Players & More"

Playstation 4 is selling like a hot cakes, recently at GamesCom 2014, Sony announced that PS4 worldwide sales has crossed 10 million units. However, critics and fanboys have still tagged it as a "Console With More Indie Games" all because of lack of AAA titles, especially during upcoming Holiday Season.


In a recent interview to our friend at GamesIndustryBiz, Sony's Jim Ryan clarified that this "lack of AAA" titles for PS4 is just a perception issue, because for this new generation, breadth of fresh content has been the definitive aspect instead of hardware.

Ryan said: "Everybody can see that the big studios getting bigger and more monolithic, and there's this really interesting emerging sector at the entry level - I dread to use the word "indie" these days. That brings breadth and variety."

When asked that this lack of AAA titles for core PS4 gamers is just a perspective issue considering the fact that many games are available in different places that expectation of how much should be available at this point in the generation has been skewed.

To this Jim replied: "That's accurate, because we've done the comparison and there are way more this time. Maybe it was a bit patchy over the summer."

He later added that for fans with "where are AAA titles for PS4" perception, 2015 will be great and things will take off starting with Destiny.

"I kind of get...frustrated is perhaps too strong a word, but you hear, 'Where are the games for PlayStation 4?' and there are more than there have ever been at this stage on any new console platform. But I think 2015 is going to be great from that perspective. Starting with Destiny, it'll really begin to take off."

What you guys have to say about "lack of AAA titles" accusation on Playstation 4? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.


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