Xbox Live Attacked With DDOS, Sign-In Issues Reported By Xbox One, X360 Owners, Core Services "Limited": Xbox Support

After attacking Playstation Network with DDOS attack, it seems like hackers have shifted their focus on Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Xbox One as users are experiencing Sign-In issue into Xbox Live online services.

Xbox Live Hacked

There is no confirmation yet whether this outage via DDOS attack is related or anything to do with attacks on Sony's Playstation Network or an entirely separate issue. If "FameGod" (the man behind recent PSN DDOS attack) is behind a DDOS attack on Xbox Live services, his efforts doesn't seems to be effective, as me and other staff of Gamepur were able to Sign-In and out without any issues and hassles.

So, we can confirm that the issue is not widespread. Nonetheless, Xbox Support does confirm DDOS attack as the status of Xbox Live Core Services reads "Limited".

Tell us in the comment section below are you guys experiecing Xbox Live Sign-In issues on Xbox 360 and Xbox One?

Update 1:

Xbox Support has just updated the status of Xbox Live, and it reads that Core Services are back up and running. However Diablo III save issue are currently affecting players on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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